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Our Bells were last maintained to mark the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria and had not been change rung for the last 100 years due to the infestation of woodworm in the wheels and the decaying of the cast in staples on the Bells making it unsafe.  To mark the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth the II in 2013 we embarked on a project of Restoration.  It is with grateful thanks to our Parishioners for their donations, The Churchcare Trust, AllChurches Trust Limited , Idlewild Trust, Legacy’s (Sir Arthur Marshall, Mr Adam Tulloch & Mrs Lucy Whitbread) and Rachel & Stephen Wain.


During the Inspection by Whitechapel Bell Foundry our third Bell was  deemed to be out of tone with the other three and declared redundant in the Ring.  This Bell is dated 1699 and part of a set of three by Founder Richard Keene of Royston, it bears the inscription of the then Churchwardens Thomas Pvkis and Thomas Rvle  when it was removed from the Tower it had a crack from the Cast In Staples down to the inscription, with a grant  and support from the Heritage Lottery Fund this  Bell has been fully restored  and is now hanging in the Tower for use as a Service Bell.


Part of the Grant from the Heritage Lottery funded an Educational Trip to Whitechapel Bell Foundry by Horseheath Brownies and members of the Community including a trip down the River Thames to Westminster and Big Ben on returning home they wrote about the day in their work books.


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Rachel & Stephen Wain married on 22nd December 2012 requested donations from their guests to be made to the Bell Restoration Fund and with monies donated by themselves purchased a Bell to replace the redundant third Bell  this was cast in November 2013 and inscribed with the words "Rachel Paintin married Stephen Wain 22.12.2012".


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Our fifth Bell, cast in March 2014, bears the inscription "Restoration of Bells 2014 inspired by Pat Smith, Priest & Parishioners" and together with our listed Tenor Bell dated 1825, Founder T Stafford of Cambridge and the remaining two Bells by Founder Richard Keene of Royston, cast around the 1700s make up our ring of five Bells operated by electric Ellacombe Chiming Mechanism.


We thank Whitechapel Bell Foundry for the smooth operation in removing the bells from the Tower even when the Tower Floor crumbled to the ground the wood being completely rotten.  This had to be replaced  by Richard Campbell, carpenter, before the bells could be re-hung in the Tower Frame.

Our church is a central part of the village and we are very proud to hear the bells ring out once again.

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