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We seem to spend a fortune on wild bird food.  Seeing how greedy one pigeon is, I’m not surprised: he just pecks away until it’s all gone and he can scarcely waddle.  We’ve changed the spelling of his name from Pigeon to Pig One!


But all pigeons waddle: they’re designed that way. It seems that they have to walk the way they do, just to see where they’re going.  A pigeon can't adjust its focus as it moves, so it actually has to bring its head to a complete stop between steps in order to refocus.


It goes something like this: head forward, stop; head back, stop; head forward, stop; head back, stop.  It looks funny, but it works!


In our walk through life we have much the same problem as the pigeon.  We can’t always see while we're moving along, because we feel we’re too busy to take time to look around.  Perhaps, like the pigeon, we need to stop between steps we take.  We need to refocus on where we are in relation to the world and each other and with God. 


I’m not saying that we have to stop and pray and meditate about every little decision in life.  But certainly we need to stop and reflect from time to time before we take an important step forward.


All blessings,







 Visit your Local churches


Saturday, September 13th - cycle, drive or walk around Cambridgeshire’s churches and chapels to raise money for the church or chapel of your choice.  This is organised through the Cambridgeshire Historic Churches Trust and your local churches will be open. RLM


All Saints’ Church , Castle Camps


The School Leavers Service on Wednesday 23rd July was a very poignant occasion with the school children forming a crocodile walking up Church Lane to the service. The singing and speeches were excellent and we wish all of those who have left the school every success in their further education. Very many parents and family supported this service, which is gratifying.


The recent Flower Festival over the August Bank Holiday weekend was a great success. Very, very, many thanks to all who contributed: from our sponsors, our flower arrangers, our tea and cake makers, our stall holders (which included beautiful home-made lavender bags and cards) and to everyone involved a massive "Thank You" (and from me - Graham+).  And to all who came, I hope you agree that the church looked stunning.  Over the three-day period we made over £2070.  This included our concert on the Saturday night, which included nibbles and wine at the interval.  Again a big "Thank You" to Michael Prentice for his generous contribution of cocktail sausages. The concert was very well received and everyone enjoyed the singing and music lead by Yvonne Howard and all our very talented local musicians and performers.  Again,

thank you to all involved.  If anyone was inspired and would like to be included next time, please contact Lindi Kent 01799 584012.


On sale at the Flower Festival was a most interesting and informative booklet on our church history, produced by David Neal (with editorial input from Barbara O'Brian).  Well worth a read and available at £2.00 from David Neal.


The website www.3churches.eu will be updated with photographs of the occasion, very kindly taken by Tony Smith.  LK


All Saints’ Church , Horseheath


Tea & Chat: Wednesday 17th September, 2.30pm in church.


Sunday Club: Sunday 28th September, 10.00am in church.


Our bells have now been restored and are back in the tower together with two new bells, making a ring of five.


The New Bells:


·       No.1. donated by Mr & Mrs Wain bears the inscription “Rachel Paintin married Stephen Wain 22.12.2012”.

·       No 2 bears the inscription “2014 Restoration of Bells inspired by Pat Smith, Parish Priest & Parishioners”.


Our thanks for making the success of this project go to the generosity of parishioners, The Ely Diocesan Association of Church Bell Ringers, Churchcare Trust, Historic Church Preservation Trust, Idlewild Trust, fund raising and legacies.  The redundant 3rd bell dated 1699 was repaired, restored and re-hung as a single service bell, with a conservation grant from the Heritage Lottery.   Dedication of the Bells will take place during our Harvest Service on the 21st September.  Refreshments will follow the service.  Everyone very welcome.!  PS


St Mary’s Church, Shudy Camps


Several exciting events coming up . . .


Messy Church on Sunday 14th September, from 3pm to 5pm, at 7 Parkway, Shudy Camps.  Our theme will be Finding The Lost Sheep. We have stories, games, crafts, afternoon tea and lots of activities for toddlers to 7-8 year olds -  all free of charge and great fun for parents and grandparents!


Saturday 4th October is the date for the Harvest Supper at St Mary’s Church, Shudy Camps.  This is always a real feast with the church beautifully decorated.  It is open to everyone and is a wonderful opportunity to meet up with friends and neighbours.


Saturday 15th November from 10 – 12 noon is our Winter Christmas Gift Fair.  There will be stalls selling crafts, handmade soaps, Phoenix cards, mugs of hot chocolate and hopefully glasses of gluhwein.   KK


Mill Green House


The Villages Home Group meet at 8pm for 8.15 pm.


Speakers are leading on their favourite Old or New Testament passages:


16/09 - Rosemary Fletcher

23/09 - James & Jan Broad

30/09 -Graeme Walker


Julian Meetings - half an hour of peace - 4th Wednesday of the month - 24/09 - Colin Brown. GW


The Friends of st mary's, linton


The popular singing group The King's Taverners are giving a concert in St Mary's on Saturday, Sept 20th at 7.30pm.  Tickets at the door, £10 (£5 children) including refreshments.  The title is "Truth, Beauty & Pleasure" or The Full Monte-Verdi!  MC




"The Significance and Meaning of the Medieval Wall Paintings in St Mary's Bartlow" - An Illustrated talk by Rev. Dr. Lynne Broughton, 7:30pm, 14 October 2014.  Link to information.







CHURCH SERVICES –September 2014


September 7

Trinity 12



Castle Camps

10:00  Holy Eucharist



September 14

Holy Cross Day



Shudy Camps

10:00  Holy Eucharist


September 21

St Matthew



10:00  Harvest Festival


September 28

Trinity 15



Castle Camps

09:30  Holy Communion (BCP)



10:00 Sunday Club


11:00  Holy Eucharist


October 5

Trinity 16


Castle Camps

10:00  Holy Eucharist






Midweek Holy Eucharist

Weekly on Wednesdays at 09:30

All Saints’ Church, Castle Camps - Half an hour of peace. 









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