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A lady walking her dog stopped to admire a house.  As she looked over the gate for a better view a man passed by and said, “You seem to be admiring the house.”

“I am,” she said.

“I'm glad you like it,” said the man.  “It’s mine”.

As he walked on, someone else came along.  “You like the house?” he asked.  “Yes, I do.”

“It’s mine”, said the stranger, and off he went.

The lady was still puzzling how they both owned the house when a third man came out of the garden gate.

“I see you’re interested in this house,” he remarked, and added, “Nice, isn't it?  It’s mine.”

Curiosity got the better of her.  The lady (and her dog, who also wanted to know) hurried after the three men for an explanation.

“It’s mine,” said the first, “because I built it”.

“It’s mine,” said the second, “because I bought it and now I’m the owner”.

“It’s mine,” said the third, “I live in it”.

The dog, who could sense these things, knew they were all truthful.


It’s another way of understanding that God the Father made us, Jesus Christ bought us by dying for us, and the Holy Spirit lives in the hearts of those who trust Him.  “God in three persons, blessed Trinity”.


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All Saints’ Church , Castle Camps


The church has had its film debut, with a film crew filming the interior and exterior of the church for a small production.  Get your party attire and passports ready for the Cannes Film Festival presentations - or should that be the Camps Film Festival!


We have planned with the school a Remembrance Service on Tuesday the 11th of November, to mark the 100th anniversary of World War One.  This will involve some of the older children planting crosses marked with the names of all who fell.  We will meet at the War Memorial at 11:00am.  If you can attend, that would be good.  We are also looking for someone to take some photos of the event.  Any volunteers please contact Lindi Kent on 01799 584012.  Please note: this is in addition to the traditional Service on Remembrance Sunday.


The never-ending ongoing restoration work is now completed for the nave and buttresses. Our thanks go to the Cambridgeshire Historic Churches Trust for the grant of £2000 that went towards the cost of this particular part of the restoration.  We have other projects in mind, including some restoration work for the organ.


The website www.3churches.eu is regularly updated with the latest Connection details and events.  If anyone has photos of recent activities please forward to lindi.allen@pan-global.co.ukLK


All Saints’ Church , Horseheath


Restoration of Bells and the Augmentation of the Ring - link to additional webpage with photos.


Tea & Chat: Wednesday 15th October, 2.30pm in church.


Harvest Sunday Lunch on 19th October in the Village Hall: 12.30pm for 1pm.  Tickets available from the Post Office or Pat Smith in early October . 


Sunday Club: Sunday 26th October, 10.00am in church.


To complete our Bells Project, we are just awaiting the return of A. James Jewellers, to reinstate the clock mechanism. 


The Quinquennial Inspection of the building has been completed. We are very happy to say that no major works are needed to our church in the immediate future!  PS


St Mary’s Church, Shudy Camps


Saturday 15th November from 10am – 12 noon is our Winter Christmas Gift Fair.  There will be locally-made crafts and decorations for sale, fabulous pies and cakes from Lavinia Cottage Kitchen of Castle Camps, beautiful smelling soaps and candles, Phoenix Cards and lots more. Come and enjoy a cup of tea, fresh coffee or an indulgent mug of hot chocolate (with or without the marshmallows!).  Monies raised go towards the upkeep of this beautiful church.  We would love you to come!


Work has started on the repair of the south part of the Churchyard Wall.  We expect to finish the stone work by the end of October, giving time for the lime mortar to dry out before the autumn frosts.   KK


Mill Green House


The Villages Home Group meet at 8pm for 8.15 pm.


7/10- The Revd Randall at Mill Green House

14/10 - Dr Peter McKenna at 7 Parkway

21/10 - George Pulman QC at Mill Green House


Speakers are leading on their favourite Old or New Testament passages.


Julian Meetings - half an hour of peace - 4th Wednesday of the month - 22/09 - led by Judy Nightingale.  GW




"The Significance and Meaning of the Medieval Wall Paintings in St Mary's Bartlow" - An Illustrated talk by Rev. Dr. Lynne Broughton, 7:30pm, 14 October 2014.  Link to information.









October 5

Trinity 16



Castle Camps

10:00  Holy Eucharist



October 12

Trinity 17




10:00  Holy Eucharist


October 19

Last Sunday after Trinity


Shudy Camps

10:00  Holy Eucharist


October 26

Trinity 15



Castle Camps

09:30  Holy Eucharist



10:00 Sunday Club


11:00  Holy Eucharist


November 2

4 before Advent


Shudy Camps

10:00  Holy Eucharist






Midweek Holy Eucharist

Weekly on Wednesdays at 09:30

All Saints’ Church, Castle Camps - Half an hour of peace. 









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