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Not everything in the British Museum is ancient. Take the “Tree of Life”, made in African in 2005. It’s a ten-foot tree surrounded by animals - all made out of weapons: AK-47 rifles, pistols & rocket-propelled grenade launchers – half a ton of them!


For 17 years there was a terrible Civil War in Mozambique, with a million people killed. Huge quantities of weapons flooded into the country - provided by rich nations with their own political agendas. The war only stopped with the collapse of the Soviet Union, when they stopped sending guns to the side they supported.


Bishop Sengulane argued, “Why should the world have hungry people? Why should the world have a shortage of medicines? & yet, the amount of money which can be made available, almost instantly, for armament purposes is just amazing, shocking”.


After the war, most of the guns remained hidden in the bush, still posing a great threat, so the Bishop started a project to eliminate them. He encouraged people to hand over guns in exchange for farm tools, sewing machines, bicycles & building materials. In one case a village collected enough weapons to swap for a tractor! So far, ¾ million weapons have been handed in.


Decommissioned guns are made into sculptures like “The Tree of Life” & sent all over the world, as symbols of reconciliation after conflict. The Bishop’s idea came from Isaiah’s words in the Bible: “They shall beat their swords into ploughshares, & their spears into pruning hooks. Nation shall not lift up word against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.” "The Tree of Life" celebrates how instruments of death can become instruments of life.


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I was very gratified by the response to last month’s notes about Ely Cathedral. It led to one conversation with a friend about the building of the Lantern – the unique structure that draws natural light into the heart of the building. He told me that, of the 8 massive 48ft trees that hold it up, not all are oak. Although they scoured the country, they could only find 7 oak trees big enough: the 8th had to be elm! This was the last conversation I was to have with Malcolm

Harding, as he died shortly afterwards. Our hearts go out to Marion & his family. May he rest in peace & rise in glory.  G+


All Saints’ Church , Castle Camps


Men’s Breakfast on Saturday 14th September was a great success, with a very good & interesting talk on Admiral Fitzroy from David Neal. The bacon, sausage, home-made rolls & coffee seemed to go down a treat! Thank you to everyone who came & supported us. We raised £45.00 for church funds, which will go towards the restoration of the nave.


The Battle of Britain Service was well attended, with the Air Training Corps from Linton & Haverhill in support. Although bad weather prevented the march to the old airfield, an Act of

Remembrance was held at the RAF memorial in Church.


The Churchyard has had its annual short-back-&-sides & is looking very tidy in readiness for the winter. Thank you to the Cambridgeshire Wildlife Trust for their help & support.  LK


All Saints’ Church , Horseheath


The next Tea & Chat will be on 16th October.


Sunday Club for young people: Our first meeting was much enjoyed by all who attended. We meet next on 27th October at 10am, before the 11am Family Service. All welcome!


Harvest Festival Service, followed by Afternoon Tea in church on October 6th at 3pm. Again, all welcome!


Harvest Lunch in Village Hall on 20th October. Tickets available from the beginning of October. PS


St Mary’s Church, Shudy Camps


We are very pleased to announce that on the evening of Sunday December 8 there will be A Concert in Church by Yvonne Howard with Peter O'Connor (Flute), Mary Morley (Harp) & Angela Doughty (Organ). We are very fortunate to have such talented musicians coming to us! Please note the date in your diary.  RM


By request, we shall be introducing - 4 times a year - the Service of Holy Communion according to the Book of Common Prayer, 1662. This has already proved popular at Castle Camps & Bartlow. If you don’t know it, come on the 27th & see what you think!  G+


Mill Green House


Villages Home Group - Every Tuesday Evening in October at 8pm



The Revd Michael Beckett

Ps 44


Rosemary Fletcher

Ps 91


Daphne Gilbert

Ps 130


Revd Dr Steve Griffiths

Ps 137


Julian Meetings


30 minutes of quiet on the 4th Wednesday of each month.


7.30pm 23rd October, with Dr Peter McKenna


Quotation for October


"When the people of heaven welcomed their heart-love. O Mary, your beautiful Son broke into tears before them."

The Ascension of Christ: from the Irish of O'Laoghaire, 700AD.  GW






The website has been updated with new pictures from the BBQ & the latest Connection & diary dates. Please advise future events for the diary as soon as possible, so that clashes can be

avoided to lindi.allen@pan-global.co.uk  LK







CHURCH SERVICES – October 2013


October 6

Trinity 19




10:00  Holy Communion (BCP)




15:00  Harvest Festival & Tea



October 13

Trinity 20




09:30  Holy Eucharist



Shudy Camps

10:00  Holy Communion by Extn




10:00  Harvest Festival



Castle Camps

11:00  Holy Communion (BCP)



October 20

Trinity 21



Shudy Camps

10:00  Holy Eucharist

Preacher: Capt Andrew Payne CA




18:00  Evensong



October 27

Trinity 22



Shudy Camps

09:30  Holy Communion (BCP)



Castle Camps

10:00  Holy Communion by Extn




10:00  Holy Communion (CW)




11:00  Family Eucharist



November 3

All Souls' & All Saints'



Shudy Camps

10:00  Holy Eucharist




10:00  Holy Communion All Souls'







Holy Eucharist

Weekly on Wednesdays at 09:30

All Saints’ Church, Castle Camps











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