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When I say I’m very fond of little green men, I don’t mean extra-terrestrials: I mean the ones in churches and on pub signs. A Green Man is a symbol of ancient beliefs about the cycle of the seasons: ploughing, sowing and harvest; the apparent death of Nature in the Winter, then the miracle of rebirth in the Spring.  This is the basis of most religions, from Neolithic times to ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt and Rome.


But why do we find Green Men in churches – six in Ely Cathedral alone?  One theory is that the first Christian missionaries destroyed the trees and groves that were sacred to the Druids and built churches in their place - but folk religion always persists. Continuing to worship on the same sacred sites, local people brought back elements of their old belief.  Wisely the Church let them stay, treating them in the same way as the pagan festivals of Spring and Midwinter – converting them to the Christian festivals of Easter and Christmas.


The early Christians discerned much of Christ in the old ways, so they welcomed Green Men inside the churches. They’re often carved high up on the roof, or hidden under seats.  Some are funny, some beautiful – some rather sinister.  They may have foliage sprouting from their mouths, or eyebrows that curl upwards like horns. Some rudely stick their tongues out, or grin cheekily at us.  May they do so for another 700 years!


All blessings,



After ten very happy years here, sadly the time has come for me to retire. Elizabeth and I will be moving out of the Vicarage in early December, although for a short time I shall be returning to take some services.  We shall miss these lovely villages and friendly people.  It has been a great joy to minister to you.


With all blessings,








All Saints’ Church , Castle Camps


The service on Remembrance Sunday will be held at All Saints Church, Castle Camps at 10.00.  The laying of wreaths at the War Memorial at 11.00 will be followed by a short ceremony at the RAF memorial.  Teas and refreshments in the Village Hall from 11.15.  Everyone is welcome to attend all or any part of this event.


We have also planned with the school a Remembrance Service on Tuesday, November 11th, marking the 100th anniversary of World War One.  After a service for all the pupils at the school at 10:30, we shall move to the War Memorial at 11:00, where some of the older children will plant crosses marked with the names of those who fell.  This promises to be a poignant service.  If you can attend at the War Memorial that would be good.  We are also looking for someone to take some photos of the event.  Any volunteers please contact Lindi Kent on 01799 584012.


The website www.3churches.eu is regularly updated with the latest Connection details and events.  If anyone has photos of recent activities please forward to lindi.allen@pan-global.co.ukLK


All Saints’ Church , Horseheath


Harvest Lunch: A big "Thank You" to all who attended, those who provided food for our table and raffle prizes, and those who washed up and helped to put tables and chairs away afterwards.  It was a most enjoyable and friendly way to spend a Sunday Lunchtime and raise funds for the upkeep of our church.  Our profit from the raffle and donations for lunch amounted to £300.


Some coming events:


Tea & Chat 12th November in Church from 14.30

Christmas Coffee Morning 22nd November in Church from 11.00

Sunday Club for Children 23rd November 10.00

Christingle Service 7th December 15.30  PS


St Mary’s Church, Shudy Camps


A huge "Thank You" to all the kind people who helped in any way at our Harvest Supper.  We raised £1000.


Winter Gift Fair at St Mary's on Saturday 15th November from 10 - 12 noon.  There will be locally-made crafts and decorations for sale, fabulous pies and cakes from Lavinia Cottage Kitchen of Castle Camps, beautiful smelling soaps and candles, Phoenix Cards and lots more. Come and enjoy a cup of tea, fresh coffee or an indulgent mug of hot chocolate (with or without the marshmallows!).  Monies raised go towards the upkeep of this beautiful Church. We would love you to come!  KK


Mill Green House


The Villages Home Group meet at 8pm for 8.15 pm.


4/11 - The Revd Michael Beckett at Mill Green House

11/11 - Andrew Watts at Mill Green House

18/11 - Sarah Williams at Mill Green House

25/11 - Ursula Elliott at Lily Cottage, Castle Camps


Julian Meeting - half an hour of peace - 4th Wednesday of the month - 7.30pm, 26th November - led by Judy Nightingale.  GW







CHURCH SERVICES –November 2014


November 2

4 before Advent (All SS)



Shudy Camps

10:00 Holy Eucharist



November 9

Remembrance Sunday



Castle Camps

10:00 Service of Remembrance



16:00 Service of Remembrance


November 16

2 before Advent


Shudy Camps

10:00 Holy Eucharist


November 23

Christ the King



Castle Camps

09:30 Holy Communion (BCP)



10:00 Sunday Club


11:00  Family Eucharist


November 30

Advent Sunday


Shudy Camps

10:00  Ecumenical Service



December 7

Advent 2



15:30 Christingle







Midweek Holy Eucharist

Weekly on Wednesdays at 09:30 5th, 12th and 19th December

All Saints’ Church, Castle Camps - Half an hour of peace. 










Team Vicar

Revd Graham Ridgwell

01799 584 545














Castle Camps


Shudy Camps



Mrs Lindi Kent

01799 584 012

Mr David Neal

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Mrs Pat Smith

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Mrs Judith Jolley

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Mr Robert Manning

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Mr Andy Webb

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