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It was nearly 50 years ago that Andy Warhol predicted famously that in the future everyone would be famous – but only for fifteen minutes.  A quarter of an hour's fame may not seem very long – it can seem to pass in the blink of an eye. Yes, I know, it would be a pretty drawn-out sort of blink, but you get my drift.


Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, March 5th and goes on for 40 days – the time when many people give up chocolate or wine or something.  I suggest something else.


You've probably got a lot to do. It may feel as though every minute needs to be crammed full.  But no matter how hectic your schedule, would anyone really notice if you were temporarily unavailable for, say, fifteen minutes a day? 


No, they wouldn't.


So, do yourself a favour:  during Lent, treat yourself: put aside a little slice of time to be calm. (Call it “Me Time”, if you really must.) Go for a walk round the block. Listen to some music. Essentially, switch your phone off - yes, it really does have a button that will do this – then relax.  I’m not talking about forever - just fifteen minutes of peace.  It will almost certainly do you a power of good.


Perhaps what Andy Warhol meant  to say was: in the future, everyone will be calm for 15 minutes?


All blessings for a calm and peaceful Lent,









All Saints’ Church , Castle Camps


The Nave Restoration Project is moving forward and hopefully will completed before the Flower Festival over the August Bank Holiday weekend.


During the bad weather the bells have been sticking, so these will be rung periodically during routine cleaning. Do not be alarmed if you hear 'The Bells' at these times and rush to church!


Patricia Haylock is stepping down as Deanery Synod representative after many years. Many thanks, Patricia, for all your efforts on our behalf.


Future events


·       Plant Sale - Saturday 10th May at "Woodside", Bartlow  Road.

·       Open Gardens  - Sunday 22nd June, 12 noon to 6pm.

·       Tea Party - Sunday 6th July to be held in the Schoolings’ garden

·       Flower Festival - over August Bank Holiday weekend


P.S. Please let me have your church diary entries and we will amend the websiteLK


All Saints’ Church , Horseheath


Tea & Chat will be hosted by Alan & Audrie Bishop at 5 Cornish Close on Wednesday 5th March from 2-30pm. All welcome.


Sunday Club for children of all ages (at 10am on the 4th Sunday of each month) continues to flourish.  We would love to see you!


Thank you to all who supported our Valentine Brunch. £255 was raised for the upkeep of our Church.


A Memorial Stone to Mr J A Tulloch is to be laid in the churchyard to commemorate his years as Churchwarden. 


Bells Restoration Project: Work is due to commence on the 22nd April.  In accordance with the terms of the Lottery Grant to conserve our redundant bell from 1699, we shall be taking the Brownies for an Educational Visit to the Whitechapel Bell Foundry and Big Ben. A coach will leave Ranmoor, Haverhill Road, Horseheath at April 9th at 9.00am, returning approx. 5.30pm.  If you would like to join us, please let Pat know on 892484 by 22nd March.   PS


St Mary’s Church, Shudy Camps


The PCC has decided to embark on a further programme of repairs recommended by the church architect. The largest of these is to repair the south section of the churchyard wall parallel to the road which is currently dilapidated and does not do justice to the setting of the church building itself. The cost will be about £6,000. We will again be looking to raise grants to enable us undertake this project before we proceed and any help from parishioners, whether financial or with the organisation of the project, would be most welcome.     RM


Mill Green House


Villages Home Group


Tuesdays in March at 2 Hockley Close (2HC) & Mill Green House (MGH):


Tues 4th Mar

Heather Boyd - Pilate - MGH

Tue 11th Mar

Revd Graham Ridgwell - Judas - 2HC

Tue 18th Mar

Sue Walker - Meditation - MGH

Tue 25th Mar

Lent Supper with Capt Andrew Payne CA: Haverhill Town Pastor - MGH


Julian Meeting - 30 minutes of quiet meditation, 7.30pm Wednesday 26th March 2014 at MGH.  GW


Lent Lunches


Every year in Linton we hold a series of 'Lent Lunches' on the seven Wednesdays leading up to Easter. These take place between 12:00 & 2:00 pm & are held in various houses.  They consist of bread & home-made soup, followed by coffee. It provides a pleasant opportunity to meet up with friends & have a chat. All are welcome. There is a plate for a collection to raise funds for a charity. This year the charity we are supporting is 'Jimmie’s Shelter' for the homeless in Cambridge.


·       March 5th March with Rosie & Richard Read at  8 The Furrells

·       March 12th with Colleen & Derek Lockstone at 1 Rhugarve Gardens

·       March 19th with Joan & Maurice Smith at 10 Symonds Lane

·       March 26th with Judy & Keith Nightingale at 11 Mill Lane

·       April 2nd  with Leslie & Andrew Gore at 38 Symonds Lane

·       April 9th  with Gill & Lawrence Powell at 7 Harefield Rise

·       April 16th at St Mary's Pavilion, with Monica Clarkson + helpers.


At the last lunch there will be a representative of 'Jimmies', who will tell us something of their work & will receive our charity gift. C & DL






Please advise future events for the diary as soon as possible, so that clashes can be avoided to lindi.allen@pan-global.co.uk  LK









March 2

Sunday before Lent


Castle  Camps

10:00  Holy Eucharist


March 9

Lent 1



09:30  Holy Eucharist


Castle Camps

11:00  Holy Communion (BCP)


March 16

Lent 2



10:00  Holy Eucharist


March 23

Lent 3


Shudy Camps

09:30  Holy Communion (BCP)


Castle Camps

10:00  Holy Communion by Extn



10:00  Sunday Club

11:00  Family Eucharist


March 30

Lent 4


Shudy Camps

10:00  Mothering Sunday



April 6

Lent 5



10:00  Holy Eucharist







Holy Eucharist

Weekly on Wednesdays at 09:30

All Saints’ Church, Castle Camps: Half an hour of peace.











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Revd Dr Steve Griffiths

Mr Graeme Walker

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Castle Camps


Shudy Camps


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