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June 2015


One of the good things about our three parishes being between Vicars is that we are visited by retired clergy. Their long experience of life and ministry often helps us see things a rather different way, causing us to stop and think a bit.


This happened on Sunday 24th May when we celebrated Pentecost. Pentecost was when the Holy Spirit was given to the Church to enable it to take forward Christ's ministry on earth. The message of this story we often hear from the account in the Acts of the Apostles is that Pentecost should make us stronger Christians with greater certainty that we can storm through life triumphantly and successfully.


However, this wasn’t the message about Pentecost that we had from the Rev. Alan Clarkson. Alan reminded us that uncertainty about what we are doing and where we are going is often part of our lives, as it was in the life of Jesus himself. He died unsure whether He would achieve anything. The only certainty He had, terrible though it was, was that through his death, He was doing the right thing. 


So: the purpose of Pentecost is not to give us certainty of success - that is, results - but to give us the strength we need to keep on trying to do what is the right thing. Because, at the end of the day, when push comes to shove, the most important thing God is really looking for from us, is not have we succeeded, but have we tried?  In our society in which people are judged so much by whether they have succeeded or failed, this message about Pentecost really gave us something a bit different to think about.



Andrew Webb


(Churchwarden, Shudy Camps)





The licensing of The Rev. Canon Dr. Maggie Guite is to take place at Linton on the 2nd of July at 19:30. This is during The Linton Flower Festival so the church will look wonderful. You are welcome to attend for what promises to be a joyous occasion.




All Saints’ Parish Church, Castle Camps


The Plant Sale held on the 9th of May was well attended and raised over £460 towards church funds. Thank you to all who came and bought plants, provided raffle prizes, made tea and supported us in any way at all. These events require a lot of time and effort which is most appreciated.


The next event is our Open Gardens on the 21st June from 12.00 until 18:00. Not only will there be lovely gardens to enjoy, there will also be wonderful teas and cakes which will be available in The Old Inn gardens. Thank you as always to Pam and Guy for their generous hospitality.


The Tea Quiz will be in the Schoolings garden on 5th July at 16:00. This is a joint event to raise funds for the church and the Castle Camps Playground Committee. This is always a fun event - please join us. 




St. Mary’s Parish Church, Shudy Camps


St Mary’s Church will be holding a Ploughman’s and Pudding fundraising evening on Saturday 25th July at the beautiful Mill Green cricket ground. Tickets will be £10 each.


Over the summer a group of us would like to go walking for a couple of miles on a Thursday evening, if anyone would like to join us we will meet at 19:30 outside St Mary’s Church.




All Saints’ Parish Church, Horseheath


Our Garden Party was once again blessed with good weather. In the grounds of Jim McCaughan's beautiful garden the jazz band played in Summer sunshine and a good afternoon was enjoyed by all, raising £600 for church funds. These events could not take place without the help of many volunteers, to whom we are very grateful - thank-you.


Sunday Club: 7th June, 5th July and 2nd August for children of all ages, in church at 10:00.


Tea and Chat: 10th June and 8th July at 14:30 in the church  - all welcome. Please note, there will be no meeting in August.


Please note, the service in Horseheath will be on the 21st of June and not as may have been published in The Venture as the 14th of June.




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