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If you believed everything you read in the papers, youíd think the Church of England is on its last legs.They tell us that the C of E doesnít do any good, itís only interested in itself, the buildings are falling down - & nobody goes to church anymore anyway.

Donít you believe it !This is the truth.


They say: "The C of E doesnít do any good & is only interested in itself."I say: Rubbish! Churchgoers contribute 23 million hours a month to voluntary work in the community.They give £49 million a year to other charities, & provide activities outside Church to nearly half a million children &young people. A quarter of all primary schools are C of E ones, educating a million children.


They say: "The buildings are falling down."I say: More rubbish! Admittedly our ancient churches are a challenge to maintain, but with lots of enthusiastic support, our own dearly-loved buildings have never been in better condition!


They say: "Nobody goes to Church anymore."I say: Rubbish yet again!More than 1.6 million people a month attend a C of E service.85% of the population come to Church at least once a year, & 35% of the population come to Christmas services. Each week there are more than a thousand Church weddings & more than 2,500 christenings


Everybody in this country lives in a Parish & - unless you choose to be a member of a different denomination Ė the Parish Church is there for you.So come & see your Church some time!


All blessings







All Saintsí Church , Castle Camps


Friends of All Saints


Open Gardens - Our Open Gardens event on 30th June 2013 raised a total of £1051.We were blessed with good weather and a good turnout, with well over half of our visitors coming from outside the village.Many thanks to those who opened their gardens, those who helped with the catering and of course those who supported us.


Family BBQ - This is on Sunday 4th August from 4pm in Pam & Guy Schooling's garden at The Old Inn.There will be entertainment and a licensed wine bar as well as lots of food.Tickets are £8, children £4 and under-fives free.Please reserve tickets with Pam on 01799 584322.


Menís Breakfast - This is on Saturday 14th September 9am at Lindi Kentís house with a talk by David Neal on Admiral Fitzroy.DN


All Saintsí Church , Horseheath

Tea &Chat is on the 24th July in Church.(There will be no T&C in August.)

A most enjoyable afternoon was had by all at our Garden Party in the grounds of Hartford House, blessed with dry weather.A grand total of £620-00 was raised for the upkeep of our Church. Thank you to all who supported it.


Bells: The PCC can now apply for a Faculty for the restoration of 3 Bells, then adding a new Bell to replace the redundant 3rd one, making a ring of 4. We are still fund-raising  to add a 5th Bell at this time; & also to preserve the redundant bell, which has historical significance, dated 1699 & bearing the initials of the Church Wardens of the time engraved in the metal.  Enquiries to Pat  892484.PS

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St Maryís Church, Shudy Camps

We are delighted to say that we have reached an agreement with Glebe House to help with the maintenance of the Church Yard. Under the agreement,  the Church Yard will  benefit from regular free maintenance, while residence of Glebe House will benefit from first hand amenity ground work care and experience - which in turn will help them towards a qualification when they leave the care of Glebe House.

All work will be fully supervised by staff from Glebe House at all times. And for those amongst us who wish to continue to tend family plots , Glebe House work should in no way interfere with that very personal care.


Nigel Roberts from Glebe House is the project manager for this initiative.Please feel free to contact him with any questions regarding ground work maintenance of the Church Yard; or you might like to ring Graeme Walker (01799 584937) who is at present watching over the project on behalf of the Church.


Strawberry Fair is here! Saturday 6th July 2013 from 2pm-5pm at St Mary's Church Shudy Camps. Plant, craft, bric-a-brac, book stalls a competition to identify vintage implements, home made cream teas, raffle, children's country dancing &Teddies parachuting down the tower. If anyone would like to bring flowers (for a vase) in memory of a loved-one we plan to display it in the church.  Come &join us for a lovely afternoon!

Harvest Supper is on the 28th September 2013. Put it in your diary!RM


St Maryís Church, Bartlow

July 14th at Bartlow is a Pet Service: All Creatures Great & Small
Please note that there is NO evensong on August 18th.There will be service including Baptism at Noon instead.

Mill Green House


Villages Home Group

02/07 - 8pm     Rosemary Fletcher - Elizabeth the mother of John Baptist

09/07 - 7.30pm   Supper -  Jo Griffiths singing, plenty of food, all welcome!


Julian Meetings

7.30PM:  4th Wednesday each month -30 minutes of quiet

 24/07 - Led by Sue Walker

28/08 - Led by Judy Nightingale†† ††††††††


Messy Church was on June 16th - a lively afternoon where Noah's Ark was told in an interactive way with the use of masks & puppets.This was followed by ark building & painting, rainbow & flag making, & colouring, ending with a wonderful celebratory tea for Father's Day. Over 30-40 children, parents &grandparents came &spent the afternoon at Mill Green House. We are hoping to have another Messy church morning or afternoon in the Autumn so watch this space & do come - we love to see you all.GW†††††††††††††††††††