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December 2015 and January 2016



Dear Friends


In my job as a parish priest, thereís a kind of inescapable necessity to find something to say on a regular basis Ė sermons week in and week out; and then this contribution to Connection, month by month. Other things, too, of course.And thatís as it should be: the Christian faith is about a God who communicates, itís about a message of Good News. All Christians, ordained ministers included, are privileged to be called to share in the messenger-business. And it is a privilege, even if I personally sometimes worry that I might Ďrun dryí, or be driven to writing or saying things which are merely trite. Itís a privilege to work at avoiding those dangers because trying to share faithfully in Godís communication sends Christians back, again, and again, to delve in our primary source material, the Bible. And, once you get into it, thatís an endlessly fascinating, puzzling and enriching book (or, more properly, set of books). Even in a long life-time, you could never get to the bottom of it.


But at the heart of the Bible (which some Christians call Ďthe word of Godí) is Someone, whom the Bible itself (in St Johnís Gospel) calls Ďthe Word of Godí. A person who is the Word- Godís clearest communication. Clear, but infinitely mysterious at the same time (the two things arenít contradictory.) And, at Christmas, the mystery is that we celebrate a time when this Word spoke nowords; he was (for any of you who know Latin) Verbum Infans, Ďthe Word without a wordí, the Christ-child who communicated (as all human babies do) only with a cry.


Thereís a lot more to communication than having a word for every occasion; but the kind of communication that comes without words asks us to pay more attention if we are to receive it. It may ask us to pay more attentions to our feelings and intuitions, to leave a little space in our hearts for understanding to grow, without being smothered by all the argumentative, informative, entertaining, or distracting words of our communications-age.


Gaze upon the infant Christ, the ĎWord without a Wordí, in your mindís eye sometime over this Christmas season; donít try to formulate a lot of words about the experience. Just feel what God may be communicating to you.


Maggie Guite (Tel. 01223 890 273)


All Saintsí Parish Church, Castle Camps


The drainage works at All Saints' Castle Camps churchyard have now been completed. This will hopefully resolve the water problems that we have experienced; early indications are encouraging.Very many thanks to Mr Ron Goodwin for his help in this matter.

We received the sad news of Jeanne Boutal-Chapman's death towards the end of October. Many of us knew Jeanne and remember her living for several years at Cardinals Green before she moved to Linton and her involvement in the Carol Service at Horseheath. Farewell from all her friends.LK


St. Maryís Parish Church, Shudy Camps


This year, we are fortunate to have exceptional guests leading our two special Christmas Services to which everyone is very warmly welcomed:


At 10:00 on Sunday 13 December, we have a service of carols and readings led by Rev Michael Wilcockson.Michael is the Head of Philosophy at Eton College, prior to which he was Head of Divinity at Eton and at the Leys School Cambridge.We very much look forward to welcoming him to Shudy.


At 10:00 on Christmas Day, Friday 25 December, we have a Christmas Eucharist (Communion) led by Rev Dr Malcolm Guite.Malcolm is the husband of Maggie Guite, the Rector of Linton and he is also Chaplain at Girton College.Malcolm is a particularly interesting and engaging speaker who should not be missed!AW


All Saintsí Parish Church, Horseheath


The collection from our Harvest Church Service was donated to REACH (Haverhill Foodbank) and the Remembrance Day Service collection will go to the British Legion.


Now into winter we look forward to welcoming you and your family to:


         Our Christingle Service at 15:30 on Sunday 6 December (collection to The Childrens Society).

         Our Christmas Coffee Morning on Saturday 12 December 11:00 in church.

         Our Christmas Eve, Crib Service (Carols & Readings) at 18:00.


Tea & Chat Wednesday 16 December and Wednesday 13 January at the home of Audrie & Alan, 5 Cornish Close all welcome from 14:30.


Note: There will be no Sunday Club for children on Sunday 6 December or Sunday 3 January.Sunday Club will resume on Sunday 7 Feb 2016 at 10:00.


Seasonal Greetings to you all, Pat & Judith.


Church Services


December 6 - Advent 2 Horseheath 15:30 Christingle Maggie Guite


December 13 - Advent 3 Shudy Camps 10:00 Carol Service MW


December 20 - Advent 4 Castle Camps 10:00 Holy Communion Maggie Guite


December 24 - Christmas Eve Horseheath 18:00 Carol Service AC


December 25 - Christmas Shudy Camps 10:00 Christmas Communion Malcolm Guite


December 27 - Christmas 1 Linton 10:00 Holy Communion Maggie Guite


January 3 -Christmas 2 Linton 10:00 Communion for Epiphany with incense Maggie Guite


January 10 - 1st after Epiphany Castle Camps 10:00 Holy Communion AC


January 17 - 2nd after Epiphany Horseheath 10:00 Holy Communion Maggie Guite


January 24 - 3rd after Epiphany Shudy Camps 10:00 Holy Communion Malcolm Guite


January 31 - 4th after Epiphany URC Castle Camps 10:30 Ecumenical Service CF



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