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Christ is Risen!

He is risen indeed


April 2014










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Holy Week & Easter


April 13      Palm Sunday


10.00am - Our Lordís entry into Jerusalem - All Saintsí, Castle Camps


April 17      Maundy Thursday


8.00pm - Holy Eucharist with one-hour Vigil - St Maryís, Shudy Camps


April 18      Good Friday


9.30am - Stations of the Cross - All Saintsí, Horseheath

11.00am - Service for Good Friday - All Saintsí, Castle Camps


April 20      Easter Day


9.30am - Holy Eucharist - St Maryís, Shudy Camps

10.00am - Holy Eucharist - All Saintsí, Horseheath

11.00am - Holy Eucharist - All Saintsí, Castle Camps



This year Easter is late.  People ask why it canít be the same date every year, like Christmas.  Well, itís complicated, but Iíll try to explain.  First get rid of the idea that itís to do with how fast the Easter Bunny hides the eggs!


The Romans worshipped the sun and they based their calendar on its movements.  By contrast, the Jewish calendar was based on the phases of the moon (although they didnít worship it).  When the Christian Church came along, they compromised by using some of each.  So, Christmas and most saintsí days are fixed according to the position of the sun, which means that they always occur on the same date.  But Easter was different: it was left to vary according to the lunar cycle (Yes, I know - I share your perplexity!)


In the year 325 the Council of Nicaea decided that Easter should be the first Sunday after the Jewish Passover: which is fine Ė provided you know when Passover is.  By the 16th Century, Christianity had spread all over the world, and it was decided that this Easter date business should be settled: after all, it is the  most important day in the year.  So, Pope Gregory set up a calendar committee to come up with a better answer Ė something everyone could remember:  Easter was to be the first Sunday after the full moon on or after the March equinox Ė perfectly straightforward!


Using that formula, Easter can fall any time between March 22nd and April 25th.  But whenever it falls, it celebrates the same thing: that Christ is risen!  He is risen indeed.  He conquered death for us as well.  One day, if we choose, He will come to take us to be with him.


So, early or late, all blessings to you this Easter.








All Saintsí Church , Castle Camps


Restoration work in the Nave and some external work will begin after Easter, to be finished by early Summer. This will ensure the church looks its best for our Flower Festival over the August Bank Holiday weekend. During this period, the Wednesday service will be held at The Vicarage.


School Easter Service on Friday 4th April at 1:45pm.  All children, parents & guardians most welcome.


The Friends of All Saints AGM is to be held in The School Room at the church on Wednesday 9th April 7:30pm; again, all most welcome.


Friends of All Saints - future events


       Plant Sale - Saturday 10th May at "Woodside", Bartlow  Road.

       Open Gardens  - Sunday 22nd June, 12 noon to 6pm.

       Tea Party - Sunday 6th July to be held in the garden of The Old Inn, Park Lane

       Flower Festival - over August Bank Holiday weekend


P.S. Please let me have your church diary entries and we will amend the websiteLK


All Saintsí Church , Horseheath


Tea & Chat: 2nd April & 30th April in Church.


Sunday Club for children of all ages: 27th April 10am in Church


Annual General Meeting of the Parochial Church Council: 6th April in Church at 11.30.  New members required for PCC. Please support the upkeep of our Church.


Work on the Restoration of the Bells commences on 5th May when The Whitechapel Foundry will be taking them down from the Tower.


Annual Garden Party 17th May, 2pm to 4pm. ††PS


St Maryís Church, Shudy Camps


Easter Services are listed above.We hope you will come and join in. If anyone would like to help decorate the Church or donate lilies in memory of a loved one, please contact Pat Manning on 584493.It is the PCC that organises this work.†† Please come and join us at 7.30 pm in St Maryís Church on Monday April 7th for the Annual General Meeting of the Parochial Church Council.  The meeting will elect the Churchwardens & members of the PCC. We need your help to keep this Church open for public use as well as worship.  RM


Mill Green House


No Home Group meetings in April.


Julian Meeting - 30 minutes of quiet meditation, 7.30pm Wednesday 23rd April 2014 at MGH.  GW




Annual Bartlow Walk will be on May 4th.


Please note: there will be no Walkersí Service this year.  LG






Please advise future events for the diary as soon as possible, so that clashes can be avoided to lindi.allen@pan-global.co.uk  LK









April 6

Lent 5




10:00  Holy Eucharist



Holy Week & Easter Services

Please see above


April 27

2 Easter


Shudy Camps

09:30  Holy Eucharist


Castle Camps

10:00  Holy Communion by Extn



10:00  Sunday Club

11:00  Family Eucharist


May 4

3 Easter


Shudy Camps

10:00  Holy Eucharist






Holy Eucharist

Weekly on Wednesdays at 09:30

All Saintsí Church, Castle Camps (after Easter at The Vicarage): Half an hour of peace.


Please note: NOT April 9th











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